We would like to introduce you to one of our program’s many participants.
Diamond Green
Age: 16
School: McKinley Technology High School 
Years in Cape League: 6 years
Diamond Green
Hobbies: Hair styling, swimming, go carting, Math challenges, fashion/art, music, photography and my newest skill is software Coding.
What CAPE League gives me:  I love that C.A.P.E. gives us “exposure” that I would not normally experience.  Every attendance is exciting, and something new.  Throughout my participation with CAPE, I have had the opportunity to learned effective networking, good communication skills , how to be appreciative, efficient organization & planning skills.  The professional, highly educated people I have met are ones that can tremendously give back or assist us with our own endeavors. 
My membership with CAPE League has been longer than any other program I have been involved with.  We are given the opportunity to have a VOICE.  Our recommendations are noted, and used.  I have had to opportunity to learn how to plan and organize and event from start to finish.  We are taught how to work together to become one voice and a real family.
I truly believe if I had not found CAPE League, I don’t think I would be the self-sufficient person I am today.  I have broaden my social skills, self-esteem , and independence.  To perfectly honest, I love Powerful Beyond Measures – CAPE League, it’s part of my life.  I would recommend this program to everyone young person in the United States. 
My advice to others:  Don’t listen to negativity, start a life plan as young as possible, follow you own mind, be yourself, and always lead in life!
My three best experiences with CAPE League are:
1.Going to the radio station, WHUR and learning the day-to-day operations on how broadcasting functions.
2.The CD Project which is when CAPE members worked together to write our own lyrics, created our own original sound “beats”, and learn how to produce and record in a real studio to create our own CD.  This was a fantastic experience.
3. Another one of my favorites is learning entrepreneurship.  We learned how to become a business owners by starting our own business.  This was one of my first adventure upon joining.  We selected anything of interest to market.  I chose hair, cosmetology.    We were taught how to write an effective business plan.  We took a day trip to New York City and everyone received a $100 to buy what they needed for their business.  I brought hair accessories.  This experience got me on my way.  I actually used my products and today I do hair and make a profit.  I was also paired up with a wonderful mentor, Charlene.  She has mentored me for 5 years.  She has been an inspiration and I have gain many lessons involving styling hair and business.  She styles entertainers hair when they visit Washington, DC.  She also owns her own salon on H street, NE.  I have had the opportunity to shadow and assist her when she does event, fashion shows, etc.  I have participated with the BET awards, Grammys, The Bet Honors award and many fashion shows.
My role with the CAPE magazine is: The Creative Director.  I also was given by the program a D70 Nikon camera and photographer lessons.  This is what I’m talking about, inspiring!  Now I have a new hobby… photography.  I capture what is going on at every event, and I participate with the design of the magazine and on what goes inside.  I actually decide layout. 
My dream career is: owning well-known international salons worldwide from urban areas to upper class neighborhoods.  I want to be able and establish to give back and play it forward.I am most proud of becoming the positive individual I am today.  I can say I am a Leader.