C.A.P.E. League

C.A.P.E. League

C.A.P.E. League is a comprehensive, year-round program created to fully integrate the lives of young people in the DC metro area with a broad education and great opportunities that will influence them positively. The program’s strategy is to reach out to youth who are not responsive to other programs, or in special situations, and engage them per their interests in the arts, entertainment, sports or media– while developing them in a variety of other key areas. It is designed to provide an outlet for both fun and enrichment, while providing the pathway for personal growth. The League aims to be a part of its members’ entire adolescence, serving them throughout their formidable years. 

C.A.P.E. is an acronym for the components of the League and what we focus our activities on:

• C – Community, Cultural and Civic Involvement

• A – Arts, Entertainment, Sports & Media

• P – Personal and Social Development

• E – Educational, STEAM and Professional Enrichment 

The League is geared toward youth ages 11-17, from underserved communities, who may not be exposed to or able to afford to take part in productive and diverse activities. We are an inclusive program open to all youth who wish to welcome new opportunities.  However, we particularly recruit youth who are classified as “at-risk”; within the foster care system;  have ADHD, developmental or learning challenges; are experiencing self-esteem, social or behavioral issues; or part of single parent and/or lower-income families. We aim to provide an outlet for stimulating occupation; while presenting activities that educate and enhance them beyond the classroom.  Throughout membership, they are introduced to the business of entertainment and sports; as well as the performing, literary, and visual arts.